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Darryl Williams

Born on 11-11-1966. He was born in Buffalo, New York.
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Officer Darryl Dewayne Williams was born in Buffalo, New York to the late Carolyn Clark and Carl Lee Williams on November 10, 1966 at sisters of charity hospital. He was a student of Buffalo public schools. He attended South Park high school where his extra-curricular activities included football, the traveling band and choir, marching band, stage band, swim team, track team, and all city choir. There he graduated and received his high school diploma.

Instead of going straight into college Darryl decided to join the United States Marine Corps, where he served four years. While serving in the Marines Darryl was an Amphibious Assault Crew Chief, and military policeman. He was stationed in 29 palms California seventh marine battalion. He also played football for headquarters battalion. While in the Marine Corps he was meritoriously promoted to the rank of corporal. While in the marines he also maintained expert in firearms throughout his whole term.

In November of 1988, after successfully fulfilling his obligation, he was honorably discharged from the service. He then took the Buffalo police exam in January of 1989 but decided to go to college. Darryl attended the University of Buffalo majoring in engineering in September 1989. He left college prior to graduation to pursue a career in law enforcement. In august of 1991 he was appointed to the rank of police where he still abides today. Officer Williams has been a police officer for seventeen years and soon has the hopes of becoming a lieutenant.~none~~Darryl is happily married to Kimberlyn Williams and a proud father of five. Marcea, Deshon, Iva, Carlicia, and Tamiko Williams and a grandfather to one Ma'Riyah Gray. He attends Greater Refuge Temple of Christ where he services as a Stewart, armor barer, and a member of the recording choir. He was also the little league coach for the fruit belt rockets in 1996-1998. Officer has earned many accommodations and citations and has also been involved in special squads and tactical units. He is a member of the AAPA (African American Police Association).~none~~believe that Officer Williams is an uncrowned king because of the things he does not only in his line of work but in his fatherly duties and the impact he has in so many people's lives. Officer Williams fights crime day in and day out and I don't think people give him or any other cop the honor due to them for that. Without police officers there would be absolutely no order in this world. And no one knows the thing's he endures on a daily just to make sure all of buffalo is safe. He puts his own life in jeopardy for the safety of others. Not only is he an awesome law enforcer but he is a magnificent role model. Officer Williams is always there to lend a helping hand rather it is to friends, family, or just someone in need. He is a God fearing man who lives a life of dignity one that would put a smile upon a face of even the coldest heart. He shows young men how to not only be respectful but supercede the expectations of all and be more than you can ever imagine. I in fact know the impact of Officer Williams first hand. He is my father. Not only is he a major influence to the community .and church but also in his own household.~none~~I can definitely say that it is an honor and a privilege to have such a wonder and caring father who is always there and involved in my life not many people can say that. that their fathers were around but I'm proud to say that mines was. As I sit back and see the impact my father has made in my life and so many others I can only pray that God will bless me with a husband with just as much will power, dignity, determination, and integrity as my father has to be able to impact the generations to come.

If there is any man worthy of being an uncrowned king I believe it to be Officer Darryl Williams he is so much more than just another police officer. He is the definition of determination and the display of pure kind heartedness he gives to others even if it's all that he has. He is truly an uncrowned king.~none~~1st Place, Grades 10-12, Carter G. Woodson Essay Contest[colon]
Carlicia Williams
Grade 11, Mckinley High School~none