08/17/2018 - They've Got Stories to Tell: Conversations with Uncrowned Community Builders - 2019

The Uncrowned Community Builders television program – “They’ve Got Stories to Tell: Conversations with Uncrowned Community Builders” re-envisions the Uncrowned Queens Institute’s original interview series: “Illuminations” which ran from 2007 – 2010 and 2012 – 2014. The purpose of this program is: to offer a video platform by which the Institute is able to capture the on-going contributions of African American community builders and to disseminate historical vignettes. The program is filmed in studio at the Apollo Theater, 1346 Jefferson Avenue near East Utica Street.

“They’ve Got Stories to Tell” airs on Channel 1302 Spectrum cable television on Tuesdays at 3:30pm and again on Fridays at 6:00pm. The show also re-broadcasts on the Uncrowned Community Builders YOUTUBE at “They’ve Got Stories to Tell” promotes, as it preserves, the rich heritage and history of Western New York’s African American community.

Guests have included: Hon. April Baskin; Brenda McDuffie; Hon. Clifford Bell; Dr. Catherine Collins; Lum Smith, Eva Doyle, Christine Parker, Dr. Juanita Hunter, Jennifer Parker, Sheila Brown, James R. Heck III, Dr. Peggy Brooks-Bertram, Valeria Cray, Joan Simmons, Dr. Amma, Karen Stanley Fleming, Mary Davis and more.

Dr. Barbara A. Nevergold is the host.

08/17/2018 - The Uncrowned Community Builders Welcomes 2018 New Board of Directors

The Uncrowned Queens Institute for Research & Education on Women, Incorporated is pleased to announce the addition of four new Board members. The new Board members are:

Mrs. Linda Coppock – Mrs. Coppock is a recent retired educator after a career of 30 years;

Mrs. Danielle Roberts – Mrs. Roberts has led the William-Emslie YMCA as the Executive Director for six years. She is also currently working on her MBA.

Ms. Dawna Jones has worked in digital, print, marketing and advertising sales for Hearst Media for eleven years. She has recently been promoted to the position of Regional Digital Sales Manager with the company;

Ms. Desiree Breckenridge-Barnes Jean is a Buffalo Public Schools educator. She is a delegate for New York State United Teachers, National Education Association, Social Justice Committee of Human and Civil Rights, American Federation of New York State Teachers Black and Latino Caucus;

More can be found on the Board members in an article in the Buffalo Criterion, June 2018.

08/11/2019 - The Institute reaches a milestone: 2 Decades: Saving the Past to Enrich the Future

Looking back over the last 20 years, Dr. Nevergold said she is pleased to share what we’ve accomplished and to thank the community for the support and assistance we’ve received over these years. Our “technopedia” continues to grow and our model has been replicated by others throughout the country! Through the 4 volume, UQ Books series; countless journal articles and papers; oral histories; hundreds of speeches, PowerPoint presentations and class lectures; media documentaries and interviews we’ve contributed significantly to this community’s African American history. Further, we wrote and edited an award-winning book of letters to new First Lady, Michelle Obama, recorded an audio book and adapted “Go, Tell Michelle” into a play of the same name. The play was recently performed by Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts drama students to a sell-out crowd.

Dr. Brooks-Bertram points out that when men were added to the “technopedia”, the Institute’s webpage was transformed to the Uncrowned Community Builders. She also notes that the UQI has had numerous partnerships with community organizations including: The University at Buffalo, which housed the Institute for 3 years; a national radio program funded by NPR; the State of Oklahoma which selected the Institute to launch the UQ of Oklahoma for that state’s centennial; schools, faith-based institutions, and other community organizations. And we have been acknowledged and honored by numerous organizations and governmental groups for our work.


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06/12/2019 - Go, Tell Michelle: The Play

Based on the book, "Go, Tell Michelle: African American Women Write to the New First Lady", the play sets these poignant and lyrical letters to spoken word. Expect a new exciting production when students from the Buffalo Academy for Visual & Performing Arts perform this play on June 12th at the school's Black Box Theater.

Play authors: Dr. Robert Knopf in collaboration with Dr. Barbara Seals Nevergold and Dr. Peggy Brooks-Bertram.

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02/17/2023 - Say Their Names: Honor Their Legacies

A program celebrating the seasoned community leaders, who continue to contribute to community building,

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