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Quadir Lateef Habeeb

Born on 12-11-1951. He was born in Buffalo, NY.
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Many lives were touched in the short life span of Quadir Lateef Habeeb. To have the ability to touch a person's life, who you don't even know, is amazing. Habeeb had that ability. Habeeb exemplified characteristics of a true African American king. Brother Habeeb was a businessman, community activist, devout father and husband.

Quadir Lateef Habeeb, born December 11, 1951 in Buffalo NY as Arnold W. Wilson, touched every person he came in contact with, young and old. Habeeb was married to Donna Belton and together they had six children and sixteen grandchildren. Whether it was his kind heart or his words of wisdom Habeeb, a humble man, left a lasting impression. My memories of my late uncle add to the many memories others shared of him. Habeeb's impression on my life will stay with me forever. The one thing I'll always remember is my uncle telling me how important it is to excel in school. My uncle was a very motivational person.

Habeeb was full of wisdom. Graduate of Erie Community College as a registered nurse, Habeeb was devoted to helping people. One time my uncle attempted to apply first aid to a victim in a drive by shooting. Habeeb had a kind soul.

Habeeb was a scholar; he loved to read and because of his passion he taught himself Arabic. Habeeb was a business man. He was the proprietor of Habeeb's Body Oils, located on Fillmore Ave. Before Habeeb opened his shop he sold oils and incense out of his house and door to door. When people would bring Habeeb oils that were unknown to them, Habeeb had the ability to tell them the names of the oils just by their scent. Habeeb made it his goal to help any and everyone who needed it. He exemplified honesty, integrity and commitment while living an honorable life. Habeeb would converse with boys on the corner that lived challenging lives. He would give the young men oils and incense to sell, telling them they would make one hundred percent profit. This was Habeeb's way of giving them hope for a better lifestyle, and teaching them other ways than the streets.

His wife, Donna Belton said, "To this day I get the utmost respect, people still come and speak to me about my husband." Habeeb's impact on people's lives was very evident. Habeeb received numerous awards because of his dedication to the community. Before his death Habeeb received the Community Service Award for twenty-seven years of dedicated service, and the Pioneers Award which both he and his wife, Donna received. Even after his death Hbeeb has been recognized. The Fillmore Business Associated Award and the Network of Religious Communities Award were also given to Habeeb, posthumously.

2nd Place ââ?¬â?? Grades 10-12
Cierra Belton
Grade 12, Amherst Central High School